I am a creator.

You are a creator. We are all creators. We started Open Source Capitalism (OSC) to unleash the power of creation that sits dormant within our personal and collective DNA. We’re talking about the power to build products, start businesses, make societal changes and drive toward a new future. It’s Creation that eliminates borders and takes action around social, economic and political agendas. By revealing individual and collective potential, OSC brings capitalism and democracy back as the central mechanisms for growth, change and the realization of human potential. This type of creation helps us become who we really are.

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The OSC culture is created through intention by combining our WHY with Vision, Mission and Core Operating Principles.

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The OSC six point process is a simple, elegant set of tools and techniques that enable game-changing creation.

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This library is meant to help you learn about the the success, failings and intricacies behind each of the Seven Pillars of Society.

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