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The Creator Platform is the first step to becoming part of the OSC tribe. This Platform effectively becomes the Operating System for Open Source Capitalism

DO WELL – Save Thousands

This unique combination provides the ultimate in shared-value whereby we help users save hundreds to thousands of dollars over existing products and services

DO GOOD – Contribute to Societal Progress

We reinvest revenues back into OSC initiatives including 7 Pillar projects, Live-Work-Play Facilities, Oen supercomputer installations, Eligible Channel Partner projects and continuous improvements on the Creator Platform.

TRANSFORM THE WORLD – Rebuild the 7 Pillars

One hundred percent of profits from Creator Platform monthly fees are directed towards OSC projects. These projects are working to repair the 7 Pillars of Society and transform the world. CLICK HERE to see a list of current projects. Members are empowered to vote on a priority order for these projects.


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Similar To or Replaces Legacy Cost (Monthly) Creator Platform
Music Module Spotify, Pandora, Tidal Streaming $19.95 Included
Video Module Netflix, Amazon Prime $7.99 Included
Television Module Traditional cable or satellite $68.99 Included
Virtual Desktop Additional cost of buying, maintaining and protecting PC $27.00 Included
Communication Module Traditional telecom, cellular, Skype (phone and data costs) $148.00 Included
Gaming Module Proprietary hardware gaming systems and streaming services $3.00 Included
Storage and File Sharing Dropbox or ShareFile $9.95 Included
Desktop Services Amazon Workspaces $75 Included
Social Media Facebook, integrated across all modules n/a Included
Multi-Browser All current Internet Browsers n/a Included
Physical Security Any logarithmic security module n/a Included
$367.88 $19.95
The Creator Platform is currently still in stealth mode.
Click on the button below to join our private users group and be alerted when a public version is ready.
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