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We’re lucky. Today, most people have the ability to create –a business, a product a movement-now more than at any other time in history. We have the tools, knowledge and will to solve the difficult problems and to bring a new level of joy and prosperity to the world.

Unfortunately, we are also our own worst enemy. The barriers that stand between a better, more advanced society and us are virtually all man-made. For instance, in the West, the costs of starting a new business are lower than ever and the potential to scale is greater than at any other time. However, we have choked off access to markets needed to scale these companies. In other words, we have the ability to change the world but not the opportunity.

Most government and corporate structures have lost sight of the true intent of capitalism and the free market economy. Today, most economies fall victim to perversely incentivized middlemen seeking to profit from the restrictions they’ve crafted, rather than eliminating barriers for creators like you.

Open Source Capitalism seeks to reveal another reality that will ensure the long-term sustainability of the 7 Pillars of Society. We advocate for creators to bypass conventional wisdom and launch their passions unencumbered by man-made barriers.

Today, society views creators as outliers. Artists, entrepreneurs, coders, activists- we’re seen as aberrations to be regulated and controlled. We have spent decades conducting research in comparative entrepreneurship and innovation, and we believe that creators are not outliers at all. Our true nature is to create. We are all creators.

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Our vision: a global shared-value ecosystem

Our vision is to create a global shared-value community owned by no-one, operated by everyone.

Why label this platform “Open Source”? Our belief is similar to early web developers who realized it would not be practical to change the world using a legacy system of closed-end, proprietary practices. Early web pioneers created the concept of ‘open source’ methodology to allow for a self-enhancing, cooperative community that resulted in unprecedented levels of innovation.

In that spirit, Open Source Capitalism seeks to provide similar levels of unprecedented, fair access to help the next generation of creators unleash their passions: literally reinventing the innovation process by solving fundamental problems through practical solutions. Within Open Source Capitalism, the timeless principles inherent to democracy, capitalism, and freedom integrate with tangible processes to solve problems that government and large corporate oligarchies cannot solve on their own. Open Source Capitalism takes advantage of humanity’s advanced assets in:

  • Intellect
  • Tools of production
  • Business model methodology
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Our mission is to align incentives between consumers and producers so there is equal access and opportunity to create for all humanity.

Our unique Platform provides:

  • Zero need for Startup Capital
  • Zero Cost for Product Development
  • A Global Distribution Channel
  • Other Income and Equity Opportunities

With aligned incentives, a new kind of creator has begun to rise above the dysfunction of society, helping prepare the world for a long overdue, massive shift. These creators individually and collectively determine the way of life we will all encounter going forward. The next generation, our children, will be most directly impacted by the simple choices we make today.

Open Source Capitalism aligns incentives in three buckets:

  • Consumers: a software platform which saves the consumer as much as 10x over current bills.
  • Channel partners: incentive alignment through both a revenue share program as well as a fundamental alignment in mission toward solving problems within the 7 Pillars of Society.
  • Creators: monetizing their contributions globally without dilution, as well as an equity-like structure reward system for contribution to others projects.
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  • We believe in Community alongside Individuality
  • We believe in Intentionality over Apathy
  • We believe in Collaboration over Competition
  • We believe in Shared Value over Consumption
  • We believe in Creativity over the Status Quo
  • We believe in Responsibility and Action over Cynicism and Resignation
  • We believe in Autonomy over Centralized Authority
  • We believe in Ethics over Corruption
  • We believe in Alignment over Leverage
  • We believe in Leadership over Subservience
  • We believe in Nourishment over Oppression
  • We believe in Interdependence over Borders
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