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Safe and Secure International SSI enables citizens right to protect themselves through cooperation with Government fusion centers without sharing of data, all providing much needed balance between privacy and safety.
Health Payer Consortium HPC provides Innovation Management Services for Healthcare Third Party Administrators. Through this consortium, HPC combines the benefits of in-sourcing and outsourcing, eliminating inefficient middlemen who drive up healthcare costs.
iLearn LIFE iLearn LIFE is a non-profit dedicated to bringing real world learning to the classroom. In order to do so, a portal system is necessary to integrate the classroom with the real world for specific projects, tasks or longer term consulting engagements.
SIMON SIMON is a collaboration tool that eliminates the need for email and meetings as the world’s first asynchronous collaboration manager.
Urban Farm Consortium UFC is to provide management consulting services to urban farms that are owned directly by consumers and restaurants in a local geography.
Real Health 120 RH120’s goal is to extend life to 120 years, while having no loss of the quality of life during those older years by solving problems in the current system which is devoid of root cause analysis.
MP IAAS MP continual reinvests back into further product development as defined by the user base for continuous internet improvement and value building.
BMD Tools/Burst These are tools specifically meant to help entrepreneurs of all types to follow a playbook used by the world best companies whom both do well and do good.
Music Industry Consortium MIC is a consortium of independent music venues and promoters brought together to transform the music industry. MIC focuses on a unique approach to artist development, industry specific technology, and enhancing the live concert experience.
LWP STL The St. Louis, MO LWP facility is opening its doors is the fall of 2015 giving creators a path to pursue their own Entrepreneur Hero’s journey.
Enigma3 Enigma3 is a text encryption tool based on a unique function that allows unbreakable, secured communication.
OSC Allocations Manager This is a simple interface that automates the allocation of OSC profit to various projects as determined by member choice. This allows users to support a specific project, a category of projects, or any mix of projects.
OSC Exchange OSCx is a system that manages equity contributions to projects from non-competing geographies and/or founder management teams. Entrepreneurs maintain 100% ownerships versus the old-fashioned VC model.
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