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When business and government get together to support creators, you have progress. When business and government become enmeshed under a cloud of special interests and personal agendas you get stagnation, corruption and an endless bounty of incentives that slowly erode society and personal growth.

Open Source Capitalism is the opportunity is to decentralize all of that power to let the creators of the world prosper, so society can. Open Source Capitalism is neither Republican nor Democrat, Labor nor Management, pro nor anti-government. In fact, OSC supports both the individual and the collective.  The OSC process uses technology, networks, human capital, breakthrough business models and new environments that allow creators to thrive. The result? Not only do businesses change, but society’s critical 7 Pillars are slowly being restored as well.

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IAAS: a new user experience at a fraction of the cost

The current internet exists to support legacy, perverted profit centers, but once again there is an alternative. There is a choice.

We call this choice Internet-as-a-Service (IaaS).  It is a self-reinforcing system that dramatically lowers the cost of utilizing technology by bundling existing applications to achieve as much as a 10x savings over current application packages.

Additional Internet-as-a-Service benefits include:

  • Interface: unrivaled multi-browser experience for gaming, social media, and sharing.
  • Speed: up to 5x faster than the current internet.
  • Privacy: 100% data protection through an unbreakable physical security.
  • Innovation: user-driven product improvements with continuous development.
  • Virtual desktop: eliminates the need for home computers all together.
  • Do well and do good: an exit plan which ensures a public global trust owns the platform.
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Channel Partner Alignment: Cooperation Trumps Competition

OSC actively seeks Channel Partners with whom we share common goals within the 7 Pillars of Society.   By helping each other become successful, we prove cooperation wins over competition EVERYTIME.

Specifically, Channel Partners help OSC by distributing  IAAS and Oen infrastructure to their loyal member base.  In return, OSC provides a permanent revenue stream back to Channel Partners enabling them to fulfill their respective missions and to rely less on donations and/or investment.

The Channel Partner Program includes:

  • An agreement for revenue sharing
  • A custom designed portal for affiliate marketing
  • Supporting messaging and CRM services
  • A cross audit capability to ensure a transparent win/win
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Open Source Capitalism Exchange (OSCx): Leveraging Human Capital

Fundamental change starts with people. The OSC Exchange (OSCx) is an international innovation exchange that encourages talents people from around the world to share their ideas and collaborate, rather than compete, to get the job done.  The OSCx is a global crowdsourced database of people, projects and guidelines designed to support the 7 Pillars. Individuals can submit a project and request support, or participate in a project already in progress.

OSCx provides:

  • Dynamic matching of creators who seek to build businesses, products and projects that change the world.
  • Guidelines to facilitate international cooperation in product development with zero cost.
  • Practical model for enabling project contributors to own 100% of the equity of the business they create.
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Innovation Management Service: Playbook for Successful Creation

Most entrepreneurs are forced to consider 2 options for their exiting business: IPO or acquisition to “cash in” on their success. The problem? Too time consuming, too expensive and oftentimes the process is too corrupted to truly benefit the entrepreneur. OSC’s Innovation Management Service re-invented the business model playbook. Instead of businesses exiting by traditional channels, IMS helps businesses exit to a consortium of small businesses. The result? A gentler impact on communities, a rapid injection of innovation, and greater financial benefit to the creators. OSC has identified industries that have suffered from a suppression of innovation and new business models as well as clear pathways to monetization.

The Innovation Management Service enables small, decentralized industry stakeholders to:

  • Manage decentralization of industries in a way which provides for a “soft landing” for communities.
  • Have direct ownership and shared value profit incentives.
  • Eliminate third party profit centers which restrict success.
  • Create jobs in local communities versus supporting monopolies who outsource talent.
  • Enable local economies to thrive versus being subservient to centralized economies.
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Live-Work-Create (LWC): Empowering Creation

Forget what you know about incubators, accelerators, co-working places and intrapreneurship. Open Source Capitalism seeks to unleash the power creation through vibrant, integrated Live-Work-Create facilities that truly support creators and remove the barriers that make creating tough.

For starters, we do not believe in payroll, traditional funding pathways or mechanistic processes of planning and execution that hinder rather than help innovators. Using the Innovation Management Service Playbook, LWC infrastructure provides lower risk/ higher reward scenarios with a faster cycle time from start-up to maturity. And rather than being trapped in pockets of innovation like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv or London, LWC facilities are integrated into local communities, designed to source effortlessly talent locally and globally.

Our first facility is home to 50,000 square feet of innovation and incredible entrepreneurs in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. This facility both operates as its own LWC operations, but also as a “train the trainer” location to create LWC facilities anywhere in the world.


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